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vnes keygen for s60v3 v1.70

vnes 7.0 updates info
1. Symbian Signed.
2. Better speed.
3. More options:
Four display modes added: Landscape 1,Landscape Full 1,Landscape 2,Landscape full 2. Some other graph options and priority options added.
4. .nes files can be recognized automatically
You can send small roms directly to sms inbox and vNes will install them automatically for you.
5. New frameskip option
on arm-11 mobiles, you can switch frameskip:0 to get maximal graphics effects

Features of vNes Symbian S60v3

- Each rom with 5 save/load slots.
- Battery save/load.
- Provide save/load key. You can use one touch to save/load states.
- Perfect sound. At Series 60, you can enjoy 16KHz game sound without losing any speed.
- Multi-language. Currently we are translating into different languages.
- Very small application sis size. You only need save memory for roms.
- Adjustable game speed.
- Bluetooth multiplay.
- ZIP format support.
- Thousands of roms supported.
- Customizable controls. Provide automatic key AA/BB, 8 directions key , and TRIGGER KEY that can let shoot key down without press shoot key all the time.

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