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Gratuitous Space Battles RIP


* Design your spaceships from a large range of interchangeable weapons, defenses and other components
* Some of the most gratuitous visual effects you will have seen in a 2D game
* Unique online challenge system lets you prove who is a better admiral, you or your friends…
* Sprawling battles with hundreds of ships let you slow down time and freeze frame to work out exactly why the SS indestructible failed to live up to its name!

Gratuitous Space Battles is a unique strategy game where you play the role of supreme commander of a vast fleets of spaceships, battling against AI controlled or player-designed enemy fleets. GSB is not a conventional strategy game, but more of an RTS/Tower Defense hybrid, where you design the ships, position the fleet, issue pre-battle orders and then sit back and watch the explosive galactic mayhem take place. Did you include enough fusion beams on your capital ships? Maybe you should have assigned some fighters to escort those ships in the middle of the fleet? GSB also allows you to challenge other players by uploading your best fleets to serve as their opposition, in a massively single-player galactic smorgasbord of laser-death!

Minimum System Req:
Windows XP / Vista (32-Bit)
64 MB 3D Video Card
1024×768 Minimum Resolution
DirectX 9.0c