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Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl
get and dowload now blood bowl now in your pc

blood bowl pc game* Play the authentic turn-based Blood Bowl experience thanks to this faithful adaptation of Games Workshop’s famous board game.
* Live the game in Real Time and unleash Blood Bowl’s wrenching frenzy for spectacular and intense games!
* Take part in a complete Blood Bowl campaign and win trophies in 15 Championships and Cups. Each victory will allow your team to gain Star Player levels and new pieces of performance enhancing equipment.
* Choose your own competition rules and create your own Championships
* Create a team online and take part in Leagues and Tournaments over the Internet to climb to the top of the official rankings!
* Create your own Private League with your own competition rules and organize your own Tournaments!

Blood Bowl is the videogame adaptation of Games Workshops famous board game of the same name.No holds barred : Bribe the referee, foul your opponent as they whimper on the ground, hurl devastating fireballs from the stands or even sneak a chainsaw on the field, whatever it takes to defeat your opponent… But dont ever forget the ultimate purpose of the game: Get the ball into the End Zone and score touchdowns! Two completely different game modes Play the authentic turn-based Blood Bowl experience thanks to this faithful adaptation of Games Workshops famous board game. Live the game in Real Time and unleash Blood Bowls wrenching frenzy for spectacular and intense games! A huge single player game Take part in a complete Blood Bowl campaign and win trophies in 15 Championships and Cups.

Each victory will allow your team to gain Star Player levels and new pieces of performance enhancing equipment. The multiplayer competition at its best Choose your own competition rules and create your own Championships. Create a team online and take part in Leagues and Tournaments over the Internet to climb to the top of the official rankings! Create your own Private League with your own competition rules and organize your own Tournaments!

Minimum system requirements:

Processor: PENTIUM4 2.4GHZ / ATHLONXP 2400+
3D Graphics card: 128 MB 100% DirectX® 9 and shaders 2.0 compatible (NVIDIA GEFORCE 6600 / ATI RADEON X700 or higher)*
RAM Memory: 1 GB (XP) / 2 GB (VISTA)
Hard disk space: 3 GB
Sound card: DirectX® 9 COMPATIBLE
Internet connection required for online game


Gratuitous Space Battles RIP


* Design your spaceships from a large range of interchangeable weapons, defenses and other components
* Some of the most gratuitous visual effects you will have seen in a 2D game
* Unique online challenge system lets you prove who is a better admiral, you or your friends…
* Sprawling battles with hundreds of ships let you slow down time and freeze frame to work out exactly why the SS indestructible failed to live up to its name!

Gratuitous Space Battles is a unique strategy game where you play the role of supreme commander of a vast fleets of spaceships, battling against AI controlled or player-designed enemy fleets. GSB is not a conventional strategy game, but more of an RTS/Tower Defense hybrid, where you design the ships, position the fleet, issue pre-battle orders and then sit back and watch the explosive galactic mayhem take place. Did you include enough fusion beams on your capital ships? Maybe you should have assigned some fighters to escort those ships in the middle of the fleet? GSB also allows you to challenge other players by uploading your best fleets to serve as their opposition, in a massively single-player galactic smorgasbord of laser-death!

Minimum System Req:
Windows XP / Vista (32-Bit)
64 MB 3D Video Card
1024×768 Minimum Resolution
DirectX 9.0c


Manhunt 2


* Firearms can now be used for executions.
* A new feature to executions in the game are the environmental kills, which can be used to eliminate an opponent.
* Loud ambient noises can now be exploited by the player to drown out their foes.
* When hiding in shadows, if an enemy comes close to the playable character, the player will have to mimic a combination of buttons or motions in order to regulate the character’s breathing to ensure that he remains calm and undetected. In the Wii version, the player must hold the Wii Remote completely still.
* Climbing and crawling have been included to increase exploration and exploitation of new hiding places.
* The player can smash lights to create extra pockets of shadow to be used for hiding.
* Some lights are provided with a motion sensor that activates when detecting movements in front of it, forcing the player to investigate the dark corners before taking advantage of them.
* Jump Executions� can be performed from a higher platform.

An experiment at a secret research facility has gone catastrophically wrong. Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper are the only surviving objects. The Pickman Project will stop at nothing to hunt them down and stop the truth from getting out. Demented screams echo around the dank asylum that has caged you for the last six years. You open your eyes. A white-coated body slumps to the floor through your shaking hands. A bloody syringe slips from your arm. Waves of confusion and paranoia crash over you. You have no idea who you are or how you got there. The door to your cell is open. One choice. One chance. They took your life. Time to take it back.

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP (Home and Professional), SP1 or higher plus DirectX 9.0c / Windows Vista
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (1.7+ GHz), AMD Athlon 1800+
Memory: 512MB XP / 1GB Vista, 3.8GB Hard Drive Space
Video Card: DirectX 9.0c Shader 2.0 Supported, 128 MB, Nvidia 6200 or Better, ATI Radeon x300 or Better
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compliant


Madballs in Babo: Invasion


* Single Player — Hours of repeatable gameplay through 10 epic levels
* 2-4 Player Online Co-op — challenge individual campaign levels with your friends or play the whole campaign in ‘Enduro’ mode
* 16 Player Multiplayer> — 21 maps to match all game sizes
* ‘Invasion’ Mode — the signature mode of the game, players take turns placing map tiles to create a unique multiplayer map prior to each match
* Voice Chat — Talk to the other players in-game
* Classes — 10 character classes (each with 2 special abilities) over two warring factions, with each faction having 5 unique weapons each with two distinct firing modes
* Madballs Characters — Oculus Orbus™ and Horn Head™ from the infamous 80’s toy craze as in-game characters
* 5 Archetypes — Assault, Heavy, Runner, Flyer, Support
* Deployables — active (rocket turrets) or passive (healing towers) can be placed in Invasion mode
* Unlocks and Secrets — 50 unlocks and 50 Secrets to find during campaign gameplay
* Action — emphasis on fast-paced, visceral action that is easy to pick and play, yet offers a real strategic challenge for hardcore gamers.

The spiritual successor to the massively popular freeware top-down shooter BaboViolent2, Madballs in Babo:Invasion is an arena based 3D shooter offering players a satisfying and immersive experience in both single-player and multiplayer, including ‘Invasion Mode’ where players are able to design their own combat maps almost instantaneously by placing a combination of map tiles to create a never-before-seen map before gameplay starts. Truly, no two games are ever the same.

Featuring the recently re-released Madballs™ characters, Oculus Orbus™ and Horn Head™, from the popular 1980s toys best remembered for their outrageously bad looks and graphically colourful names, Madballs in…Babo: Invasion is a feature laden ‘casually hardcore’ action shooter.




* Role Playing Shooter (RPS) – combines frantic first-person shooting action with accessible role-playing character progression

* Co-Op Frenzy – Fly solo in single player or drop in and out with up to 4 Player Co-Op online and offline for a maniacal multiplayer experience

* Bazillions of Guns – Gun lust fulfilled with rocket-launching shotguns, enemy-torching revolvers, SMGs that fire lightning rounds, and tons more

* Radical Art Style – New visual style combines traditional rendering techniques with hand-drawn textures to create a unique and eye-catching spin on the First Person genre

* Intense Vehicular Combat – Get behind the wheel and engage in intense vehicle-to-vehicle combat

Borderlands is a science fiction first-person shooter with RPG elements that was developed by Gearbox Software for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Get ready for the mind blowing insanity! Play as one of four trigger-happy mercenaries and take out everything that stands in your way!With its addictive action, frantic first-person shooter combat, massive arsenal of weaponry, RPG elements and four-player co-op, Borderlands is a breakthrough experience that challenges all the conventions of modern shooters. Borderlands places you in the role of a mercenary on the lawless and desolate planet of Pandora, hell-bent on finding a legendary stockpile of powerful alien technology known as The Vault.

PC requirements:
1GB system RAM
2.4 GHz processor
256 MB video card
DVD-ROM drive
8 GB of hard disk space

Nation Red Steam Exclusive Edition v1.26

Features Exclusive on Steam:

* Steam Hammer — Rips the skin off your opponent (nice)
* New Level and New Enemies — Zombie patients and caretakers in a desert asylum
* Pneumatic Destroyer — Detonates the Thumper (a road construction compactors) once they are surrounded by zombies

Key Features:

* Ultra Fast Action — Fight armies of hundreds of zombies and their bosses in an exceptional close-quarter battlefield experience.
* Deadly Weapons — Use machetes, axes, jack hammers, dual Uzis, flame throwers, grenades, poison and a dozen more arms including a Steam Hammer, exclusive to Steam purchasers.
* Customize Yourself — Over thirty player modifiers combine with two dozen power-ups for limitless gameplay.
* Three Game Modes — Free Play, Survival and 18 increasingly brutal missions await.
* Zombies with Guns — They wield axes, cut-off saws, AK-47s and more.

Nation Red is an ultra fast infinite play arena-based shooter providing an exceptional close-quarter battlefield experience. Fight thousands of zombie mutants and their bosses in frantic bloody gameplay. August 17, 1977, Scattered groups of zombies infiltrate remote Midwestern towns. Incapable of using tools or weapons, the invaders are resisted until they retreat back into the desert. Special elimination posses are set up to hunt down any of the surviving undead. Six weeks after the squads started their search-and-destroy mission, the last known zombie was shot and killed. Present-day, Over thirty years had passed when a truck driver traveling down a desolate Arizona road plows into a wall of undead. Before the driver’s phone signal went dead, he reported some were carrying guns. They’re back and now they are hunting us.

System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista
Processor: Intel/AMD 2.0 Ghz or better
Memory: 256 MB+
Graphics: NVidia or ATI with shader 2.0 support (GeForce 6100, Radeon 9600 or newer)
DirectX®: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 600MB
Sound: Any Windows compatible

Nation Red Steam Exclusive Edition v1.26

18 Wheels Of Steel Extreme Trucker

Extreme Deadlines – Achieve the unachievable by delivering your loads on time. These beasts don’t drive themselves – From subtropical to subzero environments, manage your fuel and maintain your truck in peak condition. No matter how mighty or dangerous your load is – it is up to you to deliver on time. Are you ready to hit the road?

Throw your weight around – Jump behind the wheel of over 25 different rigs and 30+ types of loads. Extreme Caution – Feel the power and adrenaline of driving terrains that no sane trucker would take on! Extreme Locations – Travel across 3 hair-raising terrains including deadly ice, boiling desert and gnarly jungle. Your Life is on the Line – Drive terrains that don’t forgive your mistakes – do the job well or you might die trying. Extreme Loads – Transport loads that would scare even the most fearless drivers – maximum loads, oversized loads, high risk cargo and more.

Minimum system requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
2.2 GHz CPU
1 GB RAM (2+ recommended on Vista)
1 GB HD Space
256 MB graphics accelerator (GeForce FX or better class, ATI 9600 class)


SAW 2009


* Traps of Lethal Cunning – Jigsaw has laid out a gauntlet of torturous traps for a handful of innocents. Only you stand between them and the most brutal death imaginable. Think quickly and act! The clock is ticking.
* Choices of Conscience – The player is forced to make difficult moral choices. Who lives and who dies in the game is determined by the player’s choices.
* Mysteries Revealed – Unanswered questions from the films are finally laid to rest. Gamers will discover the origin of Jigsaw and why he devoted his life to games, while also finding out what happened to the characters from the first SAW movie.
* An Ecology of Terror – The asylum in which Jigsaw has trapped you is abandoned, but it is far from empty. It is a living world of horror populated by Jigsaw’s minions and the insane souls they torture… and they have no intention of letting you leave.

SAW is a third-person perspective, survival horror game based on the SAW film franchise, which has grossed more than $665M worldwide and sold more than 28 million DVDs. The game features many of the deadly mechanical traps seen in the film, as well as terrifying new ones. Players will pit their wits against Jigsaw as they navigate his world in an attempt to evade and escape his gruesome traps, while also struggling against his minions in brutal combat by using weapons found within the environment.

SAW, the video game, is based on a treatment from Zombie Studios and the creators of the SAW franchise, Leigh Whannell and James Wan. The timeline for the game takes place between the movies: SAW and SAW II, giving the game its own story, yet fitting within the narratives of the movies.

Minimum System Req:
Core 2 Duo E4700 2.6GHz
Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+
Geforce 7600 GT 256MB
Radeon X1900 Series
DirectX 9


Scorpion Disfigured


* 8 weapons, from a futuristic Beretta to a good old sniper rifle
* 2 different types of grenade to use against gun turrets and enemies
* 5 special abilities such as night vision, slow-motion and an energy shield
* RPG elements via a limited number of upgrades for special abilities
* 20 gigantic levels in 4 different graphic backdrops to provide over 25 hours of fantastic gaming
* 23 different types of enemy with vastly differing AI behavior
* Very smart and unpredictable AI behavior generates very tactically challenging combat
* Breathtaking in-game graphics with a vast number of effects
* A dark and gripping story that takes place at a time when the world is on the brink of falling back into the Middle Age

Scorpion Disfigured offers fast, FPS gameplay with astonishing tactical depth. The sophisticated and often surprising AI means that the right choice of weapon at the right time is crucial. Skillfully implemented horror elements and a plot that is cleverly woven into the gameplay guarantee an intensive game experience that won’t be over too quickly owing to the size of the game world.

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP Service Pack 1 or Windows Vista
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium or above or equivalent AMD Athlon
RAM: 1 GB RAM (XP,) 2 GB RAM (Vista)
Video Card: 100% compatible with DirectX 9.0c support shader 2.0, 256 MB
Screen: with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
Sound Card: compatible with Directx9.0c


Fort Zombie

Fort Zombie is a focused-scope, casual RPG title in which the game world revolves around a single building – your fort – and the mission specific chunks of the small town that surrounds it. Instead of a major city or a vast countryside, players focus their efforts on building up a single structure, finding and training survivors, and venturing out into town looking for supplies. Players take control of a particular building in town, and begin gathering the supplies and survivors needed to build it up by day and help defend it by night.

Features :

* Choose one of three buildings – the school, the prison, and the police station – as your Fort Zombie, each one with its own strengths and weaknesses!
* Real time movement and combat keep the tensions level high while trying to achieve objectives before your characters run out of ammunition, food, or luck!
* Dozens of zombies, some with special abilities derived from their halfremembered lives before becoming undead!
* Piety, Indiana, a variable 3D town, created using Kerberos’ mix-andmatch tile system, for maximum replayability. PhysX® engine adds to the mayhem!
* Dozens of town locations to search (stores, restaurants, gas stations, ruins, homes) and countless items to find and use in building up The Fort
or building up your group characters (food, fuel, generators, tools, guns, etc.)
* “Collectible� NPC survivor-families give players surprising new abilities, but you have to find them all first!

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP SP2/Vista/7
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 6600 or equivalent
Memory: 2GB of RAM
Hard disk space: 1GB free hard drive space
Video: DirectX 9.0c SM2 compliant graphics card with 512M of RAM minimum.
Sound: DirectX-compatible
Controller support: Mouse and keyboard

Dragon Age Origins (PC GAME)

Origin stories are a major feature of the Dragon Age experience. You choose your origin, and from that starting point, your story begins. You play through your character’s early days, defining his or her background and motivation and begin to learn more about the world of Ferelden from your own distinct perspective. Your choice of origin defines how you will view the world and how it views you. Choose a sneaky, disrespected commoner and you will play a story that focuses around subtle skills and careful wordplay. Choose a noble origin and the world will be much more positive and helpful, but those jealous of your status will not be afraid to take what you have, violently if necessary. More will be revealed on these stories soon

In Dragon Age, your choices change the world and affect the people around you. Certain situations, storylines, and conversation options will change drastically depending on your origin and your motivations.

General Features:

* A Stunning World to Explore: BioWare’s deepest universe to date with over 80 hours of gameplay and more than double the size and scope of Mass Effect
o Travel throughout dozens of environments and fully immerse yourself in a shattered world that is on the brink of utter annihilation
o An epic story that is completely shaped and reactive to your play style
* Complex Moral Choices: There are no easy choices
o Tailor your Dragon Age: Origins experience from the very beginning by choose from six different Origin Stories
o Decide how to handle complex issues like murder, genocide, betrayal, and the possession/sacrificing of children without the security of a good/bad slider to tell you what to do
* Full Character Customization: Sculpt your hero in your own image or fantasy
o Elaborate character creator allows you to create your own hero unique from anyone else
o Shape your character’s personality and morality based on the choices you make throughout the game
* Engage in Bone-Crushing, Visceral Combat: Battle against massive and terrifying creatures
o Unleash legendary powers and choose from over 100 different magical spells and skills
o Experience the adrenaline rush of brutal combat, beheading your foes or casting spells that make enemies explode from within.



A Farewell to Dragons


* Classic party Action / RPG based on fantasy book.
* Main character possesses the magic of four elements, totem spells, cold steel and fire-arms.
* Mystery sorceress Telle, femme fatal from Clan of Cat named Loy Iver and other fascinating characters.
* Effectiveness of elemental magic depends on the time of day – you need to choose the battle time carefully!

Description: A Farewell to Dragons is a classic Action/RPG that takes place in the universe based on the fantasy book written by famous Russian writers Sergey Lukyanenko and Nikolay Perumov. Fateful times began in the Middle World, from now on its destiny depends on Victor, main character of the game. He will learn the magic of four elements, master the Power and fulfill his destiny. Leaded by young sorceress Telle the hero has to grasp in intrigues, experience himself and accept his fate. Will he become Dragon the Created or Dragon Slayer?

Download :

Planet Alcatraz (2009 pc game)


* A great number of key features make Planet Alcatraz unlike other games, but fans of such projects as Crusader: No Regret, Fallout Tactics, Star Wars: Knights of Old Republic, Silent Storm and Rage of Mages will certainly find it very attractive;
* Absolutely unique universe
* Creation of the main character allows changing basic characteristics and appearance including facial animation based on LifeMode technology
* Advanced role and fighting systems developed specially for that game
* Tense atmosphere determined by deep immersion to planet’s criminal world
* Modern 3D engine
* Comprehensive dialogue system allowing the player to choose the way of behaving and communication on his own
* Possibility to influence on NPC either in moral or physical manner
* And more

Planet Alcatraz is a 3D role playing game with isometric projection. The player travels through the game world and fights against enemies in the real-time mode. In a general sense Planet Alcatraz can be portrayed as a non-linear adventure with lots of shooting. Several genres are mixed in this game but despite that fact it isn’t stuck between them and appears to be a classical RPG that is based on a specially developed system. The action takes place on prison planet Alcatraz. Its inhabitants are inveterate criminals that were banished there for the life term for their terrible crimes. The main objective of the game is to control a sabotage group that consists of the only one person in the beginning and enlarges through the game. The player has to use all sorts of resources and means to accomplish the mission.


Vampent vBagX v1.25 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Unsigned Cracked-BiNPDA

Updates from vBagX 1.20 S60v3
1. fix some emulation bugs (some unaligned ldm/jump, thumb blh jump)
2. fix some compatibility problem. provide an option for user selection speed/compatibility. mode 3 is very slow and is not recommended.
3. Sound is more smooth when speed is enough. Make sure speed option is normal (not fast) to let sound smooth
4. media key support (on s60v3, app can only capture volume up/down now)
5. simple cheat file support 5. simple cheat file support. for ABC.gba, write a cheat file named ABC.gba.cht. Its content format is as follows:
that means it lockes [0x2002A46] to byte 0x0A, locks [0x3006FA2] to halfword 0x6C, locks [0x2004250] to word 0x63

If your mobile is among Nokia Series 60v3 (3250, 5500, 5700, N71, N73, N80, N91, N92, N93, N95, E50, E60, E61, E70, etc), you should download vBagX 1.12 S60v3. Make sure your ROM file ends with ".gba", and send them to mobiles via bluetooth or USB or card-reader. If you install vBagX on your MMC card, please put the roms into the folder "MMC:\data\Others\vBag";If you install vBagX on your phone memory, please put the roms into the folder "C:\Others\vBag". We recommend you install vBagX on MMC.

Download :

vnes keygen for s60v3 v1.70

vnes 7.0 updates info
1. Symbian Signed.
2. Better speed.
3. More options:
Four display modes added: Landscape 1,Landscape Full 1,Landscape 2,Landscape full 2. Some other graph options and priority options added.
4. .nes files can be recognized automatically
You can send small roms directly to sms inbox and vNes will install them automatically for you.
5. New frameskip option
on arm-11 mobiles, you can switch frameskip:0 to get maximal graphics effects

Features of vNes Symbian S60v3

- Each rom with 5 save/load slots.
- Battery save/load.
- Provide save/load key. You can use one touch to save/load states.
- Perfect sound. At Series 60, you can enjoy 16KHz game sound without losing any speed.
- Multi-language. Currently we are translating into different languages.
- Very small application sis size. You only need save memory for roms.
- Adjustable game speed.
- Bluetooth multiplay.
- ZIP format support.
- Thousands of roms supported.
- Customizable controls. Provide automatic key AA/BB, 8 directions key , and TRIGGER KEY that can let shoot key down without press shoot key all the time.

click here download :

vnes keygen

Street Fighter IV

There are a variety of gameplay modes, including skill-based challenges, that work to unlock bonus content, but the story based Arcade mode will probably get first attention since it's the only way to unlock extra characters. Players start with access to the core characters from Street Fighter II, along with a handful of new ones like Abel and Crimson Viper, to fight their way to the top. The 2D animated cinematics for each character are fun to watch, even though the plots generally vary between simplistic, befuddling, over-the-top absurd or some combination of each. The game's new boss, Seth, gives players a major challenge even on easy setting, since his moves are devastating and he has access to a variety of special abilities.

Then again, Street Fighter games aren't exactly renowned for their stories, it's all about fast paced fighting action and in this respect, Street Fighter IV delivers. The game has the performance and response players demand from an arcade fighting game. At the same time, the wrong settings can slow the game to a crawl. There's no automatic feature to adjust the game for optimal performance, so players will have to tinker with the settings to figure out what works best. Controls are simple enough for newcomers (and button mashers) to execute most of the special moves, including the devastating combat energy fueled Super and Ultra combos, without an extraordinary amount of memorization. So, players can spend less time in the practice room learning moves and more time in the actual game.

Download :

Fifa 10

FIFA 10 is packed with more authentic gameplay features, including a more realistic system for mastering long distance shots. You can also now fight for balls in the air with heading, avoid sliding tackles and enjoy quick throw-ins, free kicks and corners. More intelligent teammates have better passing and crossing skills. And details like new lighting, untucked shirts and improved net animations all combine to make the game even more realistic. Various gameplay elements have been enhanced for a more responsive, fluid experience. These include an improved animation system for increased responsiveness, a new collision avoidance system, and overhauled, more intelligent goalkeepers. You’ll also find a new Authentic game speed, and a Legendary game difficulty setting.

Minimum System Requirements:
CPU: 2.4 GHz single-core
RAM: 512 MiByte (XP) or 1 GiByte (Vista)
Graphics card: Geforce 6600 or better, Ati Radeon 9800 Pro or better, Support for Shader Model 2.0 or better, DirectX 9.0c
VRAM: 128 MiByte
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound device
Input: Keyboard or Dual Analog Gamepad
HDD: 4.4 GB or more, free disc space

Game Notes:

Play professional soccer your way in EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer 10. From the

pressure. Refinements to the shooting system and tweaks to the ball physics

create a wider, more realistic variety of shots that enhance the exhilaration

of scoring. With over 50 improvements, FIFA 10's new Manager Mode is as close

as you can get to running a team without actually being named to the job.

moment you step onto the pitch, FIFA 10 challenges you to think and react

like a real player. EA SPORTS FIFA 10 gives players new levels of control

to experience the beautiful game like never before. This is a soccer game

in which players can select a soccer team from across national and

international leagues and clubs, compete in a variety of gameplay modes

(e.g., single matches and tournament-style), and improve skills through

practice shootouts. Wider dribble touches and new collision sharing allow

for a less predictable yet extended fight for possession, resulting in

more realistic battles between the dribbler and his defender. Improved

Urgency AI logic, with over 50 new movement cycles, delivers more

responsive positioning so your players stay focused on the ball and move

at a speed appropriate to the action. Players better analyze space,

resulting in pinpoint passes that give their receivers more options and

time to outrun defensive

Install Notes

1. Extract RARs

2. Mount or burn image

3. Install

4. Copy the files from the Razor1911 dir to your installation dir overwriting

the existing one.

5. Run the game using FIFA10.exe

6. Have fun!

Razor 1911 Greetings

Download :